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Launceston Ghost Stories


Given Launceston’s antiquity, it comes of no surprise that the town has a collection of its own hauntings. Dockacre House is reputed to be haunted, possibly by Elizabeth Herle who had been ‘accidently’ shot by her husband Nicholas in 1728, and apparently by others, and there are numerous examples of objects moving from one place to another. In the house is a collection of walking sticks of former occupants and tradition determines that these have to be kept in the correct order lest they rattle in the night. The stick added by Nicholas Herle incorporates a flute and legend has it that anyone that hears the flute will soon suffer a death in the family. Jamaica Inn at Bolventor on Bodmin Moor is reported to be one of the most haunted places in Britain. ‘Resident’ ghosts include a malevolent highwayman in a three cornered hat who walks through locked doors, an anguished young mother with a baby who inhabits the mirror in room five and a murdered young smuggler who paces around the courtyard in the middle of the night. West of Jamaica Inn, the ghost Charlotte Dymond, murdered by her crippled lover, is regularly seen on the slopes of Roughtor clad in a gown and a silk bonnet. Then there is the Ghost of Dorothy Dinglet sometimes erroneously called the Trebursye Ghost, who is said to have haunted a field near South Petherwin.

The Madford Ghost    The Ghost of Dorothy Dinglet

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