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Elizabethan Place Names around Launceston.


Here follows a collection of the names of streets, tenements, and places within, or immediately connected with, the Borough, in use prior to and during the reign of Elizabeth. Some of these names are variously spelt. Adopted is the most general, or the most modern, orthography.

Almshouses (in Castle Street, and near Sibard’s Well), Asmond tone.

Back Lane, Back Street, Bakehouse Street, Bamham or Bodmam, Bamham Lane, Bamham Mill, Barbigan, Basthay or Beastehaye, Basthaye Street, Bast Street, Beacon Piece (on Windmill), Besmary Bench, Betweenways, Bine Park, or Broompark, Bishop’s Ford (near Hurdon), Blindhole, Bodier’s Quarry, Bonishay, Bontygate, Boughthay Bridge, Boughthay Street, Brandise Park, Brembell Park, or Bremmel’s Park (near Pennygillam), Bremehouse (in Southgate), Brendon’s Park, Bridge-end, Brodehay, Butt Lane, Butt Piece (on -Windmill).

Cade, Carford, or Carborth, or Trecarn Ford, Castle Ditch, Castle Dyke, Castle Gate, Castle Park, Castle Row, Castle Street, Catherine’s Park, Chagford or Rialton, Chapels of St. Catherine, St. Gabriel, St. James, St. John, St. Leonard, St. Margaret, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Thomas, and Virgin Mary, Chapel Park, Charkaford (at St. John’s Chapel), Charkeferthing, Chikettiswalls, Church Stile, Clampit Park, Clampits, Clattern Walls (near Tremayl Ford), Clob Street, Colevord Lake, Comyn Mede, Conduit Street (against Triangle Lane), Convent Garden, Cony Park, or Higher Bamham, Council House, Courtenay, Cybard’s Well or Cypress Well, or Shepherd’s Well, or Sibard’s Well.

Dark House, Deer Park, Dockacre, Drocombe, Dryhouse, Dunheved, Dunheved Cross, Dunheved Hill, Dunheved Meadows, Dunheved Well.

Easthay, Entry Passage.

Fair Park, Ferey’s Mede, Fish Shambles, Fish Street, Fore Chamber, Fore Street, Furze Hill (in Penegillam).

Gardens of the Fraternity of Jesus, of St. George, and of St. John the Baptist, Gillmarten, Guild hall, Gybbe, Gybbe Pole Park.

Halislond House (at Bamham), Harper’s Lake, Hay Common, Hender, or Hendra, Her Lane, Her Park, Hey Street, High Cross, High Market Street, High Street, Hilstich or Hillstych, Horse Pool, Hurdon Mill, Hydeland
or Hillond.

Jesus’ Park, Jesus’ Stone, John’s Close, Jolloy’s Garden. Kechisham, Kensey River, King’s Road.

Landlake or Landlack Mill, Leonard (St.) Bridge, St. Leonard’s Hospital, Lime Pits, Longland, Lute Meadow (in Dockacre).

Maiden Well, Market House, Market Place, Market Street, Mary Lyon, Mary Park, Meadow Well, Mill Piece, Moor, Moor Meadow.

Newport, Newport Cross, New Shambles or Old Hall, New Street of Launceston, Northgate, Northgate Street, North Stile, North Street.

Oak Piece (between the Bridges of St. Leonard and Polston), Obit Land, Osmysdown.

Page’s Cross, Park Mill, Pennygillam Cross, Penegillam Crossways, Pennygillam (Higher, Lower, and Middle), Penhole, Penquit, Pillory, Pillory House, Pillory Row, Pinfalden, Piperswalls, Plues, Polholme or Polme Garden, Polston Bridge, Polston Way, Pool Park, Potter’s Park, Pound, Pound Garden, Priest’s House, Prior’s Gate, Prior’s Meadows, Priory of Launceston, Pynk Well. Quadrangle, Quarry, Quarry Haye, Quarry Lane.

Racket Garden, Radmore or Redmore, Ramme Alley, Recorder’s Chambers, Reeve’s Close, Rialton, Ridgegrove Lane, Ridgegrove Meadow, Ridgegrove Mill, Royal Way.

St. Thomas, St. Thomas Street, Scarne or Skardon, School House, Sestren (or Cistern) Court, Shambles (New and Old), Shameller’s Shop, Sheerhall Street, Sherehall, Shooting Arbor, Shooting Park, Sibardistreet, Southgate, Southgate Street, South Stile, Southwell Street, Speechhouse, Steeple, Sturescombe.

Tamar River, Town Mill, Town Walls, Trebursy Quarry, Tremayl Ford, Tremayl Quarry, Tresmarrow, Triangle Chamber, Triangle Lane.

Underdoun Park.


Watermill, Wester French Castle Street, Westgate, Westgate Street, West Street, West Well, White Lane, White Rock Moor, Willesworthy (in North Tamerton), Winding Close (in Charkaford), Windmill, Windmill Cross Lane, Windmill Head, Wishworthy, Wynna Tenement.

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