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Launceston’s Trafalgar men


The roll call of Launceston men who served aboard ships during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

The roll of local men reads:
Chegwin, Richard. Pte RM, of St Thomas, age 23, aboard The Thunderer

Stacey, Richard Pte RM, of Lewannick, age 25, aboard The Thunderer

HMS Thunderer
HMS Thunderer

John, James Pte RM, of Launceston, age 26, aboard The Naiad

HMS Naiad
HMS Naiad towing HMS Belleisle into Gibraltar 1805.

Nile, John Ord Seaman of Launceston age 26, aboard The Belleisle 

Dunne Edward Landsman of Launceston, age 24, aboard The Tonnant

HMS Tonnant in battle at Trafalgar.

White, Richard Purser’s Steward of Launceston, age 44, aboard The Minotaur
Yeo, Peter (b. 1784) Landsman of Launceston, age 22, aboard The Spartiate. Peter’s Service Number was SB 316.
Handy Thomas Landsman of Launceston, age 22, aboard The Spartiate.

HMS Spartiate.

The spelling of some of the names and places given may differ from spellings in use today, for instance – ‘Handy’ is possibly ‘HENDY’.

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