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Launceston’s Servicemen of WW1

Local Roll of Honour
(Taken from the Cornish and Devon Post October 1914)
This is not a complete list of the 700 plus men from Launceston that served during the First World War but of those that were in service or had already enlisted during the early months of the war. Many more were to join or were conscripted over the following four years.
Major T A Adams, D.R.F.A., Corpl A W Abbott, Privates R Adams, W G F Aggett, G Adams,
Lce-Cpl. W L Brimmell, Privates J L Browning, F Barriball, H Bartlett, J Baskerville, R A Baker, H Bailey, Banbury, S Burford, L Barron, F W Baskerville, L J Blandford, L Browning, C H R Buchan, D Bassett, R O’Brien, Halifax Territorials; J Brimmell, 6th Hants.
Colr-Sergt. S G Cater, Lce-Sergt. W L Cater, Privates G Cottle, jun, F B Clark, A J Crabb, C Cheeseworth, R J Chegwyn, S Clifton, G clements, N C Clements, G Commins, E Cocks, P Clowes, J Cory, North Devon Yeomanry.
Privates T H Drew, G T Down, F Doidge, A J Davey, W Dinner, H Davey, J S Dew, F C Davey, G Down, F Davey, W Dymond, C Dymond R.F.A. Sergt. H J Edwards, Privates G Edmunds, F J Edgcumbe.
Privates W G S Fitze, S J Fry, W J Fry.
Col-Sergt. H T Green Acting Instructor, Sergt-Instr. W C Groome, Privates Goodman, P Gregory, R Gerry, M Gloyn, J Geake, E Gilbert, F J Greet, W Goldsworthy, Gerveys Grylls, T Gimblett, W Gimblett, F Guest, W Gynn 1st Devon Yeomanry, R Gynn 1st Devon Yeomanry.
Lce-Corpl. J T A Horrell, Privates Hocking, W Heard, A Hillson, W J Horrell, W H Hill, S F Harris, C Harvey, T W Higgins, J M Horrell, J H Horrell, C Hillman jun., A Humphreys, F Hurrell, H Hambly, H Harris, G H Hicks, E P Hodge, C G Hodge, W Heddon.
Sergt. W James, Corpl. W Jordan, Privates B Jones, A Jago, J P Jewry, C H Jenkin, F Jeffery, A E Jones.
Privates W. Kite, W Kinver, B Kerslake, F T Kent, T H Keat.
Lce-Corpl. C Lampey, Privates F J B Lampey, P J Lampey, G Lyle, E Lowrie, C Lane, W H Libby, A G Lewis, H C Lancaster, G Lockyer, W J Lock, E Lewis, Cyril Leamon.
Sergt. C Medland, Crpl. T E Masters, Privates C Mitchell, E O Moss, W E Marshall, S Meddleton, R Maddever, J Martin, A Mugford.
Privates J Northcott, J A Northcott, G Northey, W H Nute.
Crpl. W M C Oke, Lce-Crpl H Oke, Bugler W G Oke, Privates G Oke, F J Ould.
2nd Lieut. S Peter, Lce-Crpl. F Phillips, Privates J Powell, B Pearse, C S Peter, P Parkyn, W Pearse, S Penny, C C Pike, F Parsons, S J Petherick, J S Prouse, H Powell. Ernest Parish Army Service Corps.
Colr. Sergt. P Raddall, Privates Ridgman, T Richards, A Reed, Ambrose Reed, S Rockey, I Rundle, J Robbins Surrey Yeomanry.
Sergt. E J Sharland, Privates W H Sleep, R S Sargent, P Stephens, W T Steer, F Stidwell, W P Sloman, A P Sharland, H A Sharland, J Stephens, C G Strike, E Short, Short, T L Sandercock, J H Shears, A Strike, G Savage, W J Savage, P H Soper, A W Strike Queens Rifles Westminster, St. Albans. Sergt R Stephens acting instructor Reserve Battalion Salisbury plain, Gunner Stick 2nd Devon Battery.
Lieut, F T Trood, Lce-Crpl. F Tregoning, Privates W J Taylor, G Tucker, F Titball, T Trewin, R Teague, A W Turpin, R Tolman, A Thompson, Leslie Treleaven (motor despatch rider) Lieut-Col E Treffry 1st Battalion Hon. Artillery Co.
J H Uren, E B Uren, E Vosper.
Crpl. F W Wicks, Crpl. A H Williams, Buglar Wicks, Privates J Wickett, A J Wroth, W Webber, J Ward, G T Whale, F S Walters, B H Wilberforse, C H Westlake, A Whitford, Claude Weeks, P White, A H Williams, J T Whale, J G C Williams, C Webber.
Reserve Foreign Service Battalion :-4th D.C.L.I.
Crpl. T H Dew (Andover), Privates F J Adams, B Clemens, G Dawe, F W Higgins, F H Hicks, W T Japser, F C Jasper, Clement Martin, C Parsons, H Poole, W Polsue, G Pitts and F Walters.
North Devon Yeomanry
Sergt. Frank James, Trooper E A Grigg, Lewis Braund Turner, Trooper Edgar Vosper, Sergt. J C Mitchell, Trooper C Symons, Trooper G Symons.
Kitchener’s Army
Privates F G Axford, W Allin, A J Ambrose.
Privates M J Batten, C H Bickle, S Brent, R E Bates, T Bailey.
Privates W J Coombe, S Collings, C Coombe, W R Conibear, W J Colwill.
Privates E J Drewe, W J Drewe, W Duke, F Duke, R Duke, A Duke, F Duke, S J Davey.
Privates J M Edwards, T Ellicott, W Elliott, W J Edmunds.
Privates S Furse, H Furse, J H Furse, F Furse, A Finnemore.
Privates J T Gerry, W A Gregory, W J Gimblett, W C Golesworthy, T H Gimblett, K R Gubbin, D Gilbert, G Gilbert, P Gliddon, S Gilbert.
Privates H J Horan, H Hocking, G Harris, R Harvey, W W J Hatch, L Harling, S Horrell, S J Hatch, J H Hocking, W Haynes, E Ham.
Privates A H Jordan, J H Jasper.
Privates L Lee, A Lane, C Lynch, F Lawrence, S Lake, S Lane, G L V Lobb (Royal Engineers), W Lampen.
Privates W H Mutten, J H Morrish, H J Metters, T Miller, C Morgan, F Murrin, C Mitchell (Clawton), S Martin (Boscastle), O Mitchell, F Murrin (Tresmeer).
Privates W H Neal, J A Northcott.
Privates H Parnwell, W Parnell, J Pasco, E Pethick (Egloskerry), S J Pearse (Lewannick), F Poole, Ernest Phillitant.
Privates A Reed, S J Rodd.
Privates E Spry (St. Juliot), O Symons, E sanders, W J Spear, R Snell, S S Sleep, R Snell (Special Reserve).
Privates W C Trewin, W Treadwell.
Private C P Vanstone.
Privates C Wonnacott, H Walters, L J B Wadland, A Williams.
Privates L I Ayres, Royal Engineers, Victor A Algate Rifleman A Company 18th (Reserve) Battalion City of London Irish Rifles.
Bombardier Berry Belben R.A., Sergenat Major Buchthought, 10th Royal Fusiliers Cochester. J Budge, Bedford Regiment, C Body 4th Co. City of London Royal Fusiliers, Malta.
Capt. C Cowlard 20th Hussars, Sapper Collins Royal Engineers, Capt. H L Cowlard D.C.L.I, Capt. Reginald Treleaven Cole Royal Alberta Dragoons (Canada), Private C A Cole St. Luke’s College Company Hospital Plymouth (active service).
C Dymond, 4th Wesses Artillery Brigade.
Saddler-Major F S Ford, 1st Life Guards (active service), Robert Cecil Frayne Royal Alberta Dragoons (Canada).
Lieut. Glynn Grylls R.A. A.O.D., 2ND Lieut Humphrey Grylls South Wales Borders, Lawrence Geake 1st Devons, H Gilbert 4th D.C.L.I. (Andover).
F A Hornsby Rifleman 18th Battalion County of London Regt. Irish Rifles T.F., Gunner Hoskin R.F.A. 4th Wessex Brigade, 1st Lieut G C Hockin 7th Gurhka Rifles Quetta, Baluchistan. Sergt. H Howe R.M.L.I. Simons Town, South Africa, W Hearn Devon Regiment.
Sergt. Ed Johns Coldstream Guards, Corpl. W Jordan acting Instructor reserve Battalion Territorial Force, Salisbury Plain.
Sergt. A Laemon 1st D.C.L.I., Sergt. D E Langdon Public School Battalion. C Logg Royal Engineers Ireland.
A G Musk Coldstream Guards, Sergt. W Moss 3rd Gordon Highlanders.
Sergt. Northey 1st D.CL.I., Petty Officer J Northmore Deal.
B H Peter R.E. Falmouth, Sergt. L H Peter R.R.Electric Light Co. Falmouth, Compnay-Sergt-Major 6th D.C.L.I. W Prout Grenadier Guards, F C Prout tailor R.M.L.I. Plymouth, F C Pode 88th Fusiliers (Canadian contingent), F Prout (Daws House) Army Reserve R.E..
Sergt. James Read Royal Marines.
S T Sleeeman 1st Somerset L.I., F J Sleeman 2nd Somerset L.I., T Smith Army Service Corps., T L Smith Pearse Hon. Artillery Co. Battery B Churn Camp, Berks., Sapper C Snell R.E. Aden.
Major Tremaine (late R.A.) Record Office of the Royal Garrison Artillery Devon.
2nd Lieut. Darrell F S Vowler Sherwood Foresters.
H R Worth Army Ordance Corps., C wonnacott Army Service Corps, Preston Webber 2nd Life Guards, Sergt. S Walters Army Pay Corps York.
At the Front as of October 17th 1914
Privates A J Adams, J Avery Army Service Corps.
Sergt Douglas Cavey, Private W Finnemore, Army Medical Corps.
Lieut. Arthur Seymour Drewe 3rd Leicester Regiment.
Lieut C W Gotto 1st Battalion Devon Regiment
2nd Lieut. F C G Lewis East Lancashire Regiment.
Sergt James Fitze Army Medical Corps (killed in action).
Lieut. F C Pyne orderly officer to General commanding 3rd Division.
Shoeing-smith F G Finnemore 37th Battery Eigth Heavy Brigade R.F.A., Shoeing-smith Reginald James Frayne 2nd Life Guards.
Arthur Johns Cpl. Of the Horse Farrier 1st Life Guards.
Bombardier Albert Johns R.H.A.
Trooper E Metherell Army Vet Corps.
Privates J Manning 1st D.C.L.I. W Mason, G Moss, R.M.L.I..
Qr-M-Sergt M Parsons R.F.A..
Motor Driver T Parsons Army Service Corps..
Bombardier A Penfound R.F.A.
Private E Rule Devon Regiment,
Driver T Smith R.F.A.,
Driver J Avery R.F.A. (WOUNDED).
Sergt E R Warren Royal Engineer, Postal Section.
Shoeing-smith A Vosper.
Sapper H H Walters R.E.
Arthur Hastings White Cape Mounted Rifles (wounded).
National Reserve
E Couch, S J Gimblett, J Body, F Ham all at Dynamite Stores Hayle; W H Bickley, C Cudlipp, A Hicks, C H Jones, J Logg all guarding German prisoners at Dorchester; T Hocking, J H Uren, G Cottle, S Collins, P P Sharland, J Powell, F L Lethbridge.
In the Royal Navy
Following are the names of those in the Royal Navy, with the ships on which they are serving:
Leading Seaman C Bridgman on the Gibraltar.
Rev G H Collier late of the Creesy.
Artificer Engineer G M Donald of the Cumberland.
Chief Stoker J Dymond on the Lion.
W G liddon of the Pathfinder.
E Howe on the Indefatigable.
Rev S H Hainsselin chaplain.
First class Petty Officer James Johns on the Colossus.
Warrant Officer C Lyons on the Lowestoft.
Stoker G Mules of the Opossum.
Stoker John Mc Connell on the Tiger.
Stoker Patrick O’Brien on the Falmouth.
E. Parish on the Sheldrake.
Rev J C Parker on the Berwick.
S.B.S.Frank Reeby on the Forth.
Lieut. Percy Ridler on the Severn.
Chief Carpenter J Rodda on the Bellerophon.
T Smith Naval Reserve.
Stoker Petty Officer S Saunders on the Pegasus.
G Snell A.B. On the London.
Blacksmith C Spry on the Ocean.
Carpenter E Spry on the Amphitrite.
Ships Cook H Sloman on the Fantome (Austrilian Navy).
Fist Class P.O. W Towl on the Charybdis.
Stoker J Towl on the Comfiance.
Leading Telegraphist C Tucker on the Defence.
Albert Vivian.
Stoker Petty Officer Westlake.
Stoker E Wickett on the Temeraire.
Electrical Artificer F Wingfield on the Argyle.
G Whitfield Royal Marines on the Marlborough.
Geo Walter S.B.S. On the Grafton.
First Class Petty Officer A Callard on the Egmont.
Chief Petty Officer J Rundle Commander-in-Chief’s staff, Devonport.
Chief Officer J G H Tucker S.S.Betalla.

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