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Boyton Bridge


Boyton Bridge by Nick Hairs.
Boyton Bridge by Nick Hairs.

The original Boyton Bridge which spanned the River Tamar was of timber on masonry foundations from around 1614. With Boyton being part of Devon until the 1960’s it is to the Devon Michaelmas sessions of 1614 that we obtain the first mention of the bridge ‘a Bridge lyinge over the River Tamar called Boiton Bridge in decaie but known not who are to repaire the same.’
This was replaced with a more sturdy stone construction. In 1875 the bridge was rebuilt with a cast iron concern and this was to remain in place for over a hundred years. In 2005 it was decided that the bridge would not be able to cope with the increased weight and volume of traffic, so this was replaced over a six week period with a modest 12m span concrete slab.

boyton-bridge-2    boyton-bridgeboyton-bridge-photo-by-john-neale boyton-bridge-2005

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