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Domesday Folios: Penheale (PENNEHEL) 2.1/2 h, but it paid tax for 1 h. Land for 30 ploughs; in lordship ½ h; 2 ploughs; 10 slaves. 24 villagers and 16 smallholders with 20 ploughs and 1.1/2 h Meadow, 11 acres; pasture, 30 acres; woodland, 13 acres. It pays 100s by weight. 7 cattle, 100 sheep. – TRE it was in the hands of the Earl Harold.

Trethevey (TEWARDEVI) Bricnoth (BRITNOD) held it before 1066, and paid tax for ½ f of land; 1 v of land there, however, land for 1 plough. 1 villager and 2 smallholders. Pasture, 30 acres. Formerly 5s; value now 2s.

Catalogue ref WW. Werrington Estate Records.
Plymouth & West Devon Records Office. Sale Catalogues. J Pearse. Cat ref 1096.
File ref 1096/239 – 1924 Trebursey Estate, inc., Trewithick Farm; Kernick Farm; Athill farm; Trevallett Farm; Tinkers Lake farm; Rings Farm; Briar Cottage; Roe Parks Farm; Higher Tregadillett tenement; Higher Trebursye Farm; Derry’s and Gulberry Farm; Penlaurel; Red House; Trevale; Trebursey Mansion & gardens; Trebursye Farm; Tresmarrow Farm; East Compass Farm; Tregaller Farm; Penfoot Farm; Higher Daw’s House Farm; other cottages & smallholdings in St Stephens, St Thomas, and South Petherwin.

All of the above (Athill, Kernick etc) belonged to the priory, taken over by Henry 8th., handed to Carew with the priory lands. When Drake sold to Morice these portions went to Werrington; the Duke of Northumberland sold some of this to Charles Gurney, his land agent, in 1847, and then it was sold off in 1924 by Gurney’s daughter’s agents.


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