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Trewen Marriage Registers 1754-1837


Transcribed by Robert Jago, M.A. May 1988. Anyone using the transcriptions must bear in mind that we make no warranty whatsoever as to the accuracy or completeness of the data.

BUCKINGHAM John labourer otpWILLCOCKS Mary (Wilcocks) spinster otp1 May 1755Thomas BuckinghamWilliam Gimlett
MULLIS Robert of South PetherwinCOUCH Mary otp15 July 1755Richard CouchAnna Couch
JACKETT John otpWERREN Elizabeth otp27 Jan 1756William Gimlett John Gill
COOKE Joseph otpMITCHELL Mary otp5 June 1757William Cooke William Gimlett
BLYTHE William of LewannickRAWLE Alice otpBanns only 6, 20 Nov 4 Dec 1757
WESTLAKE Nicholas otpHAM Mary of Laneast11Feb 1758Richard HamJno Parnall Junior
PREST John otpPRIDEAUX Grace otp18 June 1761John PrideauxWilliam Gimlett
DAVY Richard otpPOMEROY Elizabeth otp1 June 1768Henry CoramJohn Butler
POMEROY John otpEVANS Elizabeth of South PetherwinBanns only 18 Dec 1768, 1, 15 Jan 1769
WESTLAKE Nicholas otpEVANS Elizabeth of South Petherwyn13 Apr 1769Henery CoramJohn Buckingham
COOKE William otpGIST Anne otp23 June 1771Jno Parnall JuniorJohn Hender
PREST George of LewannickMOREMAN Mary otp15 Apr 1772Nicholas JohnsElizabeth Johns
TINK Thomas otpBUCKINGHAM Mary otp6 June 1773Henery CoramJno Parnall Junior
COCKING Francis otpEVANS Charity otpBanns only 6,20 June, 4 July 1773
HARRIES John of LaneastBROWNING Hannah otp13 July 1773Henery CoramMary Parnell
BATH William otpNOTTLE Mary of South Petherwyn16 Aug 1773Robert NottleDaniel Castine
HAWKE Robert otpSTREEK Anne of LewannickBanns only 26 Sep, 10, 24 Oct 1773
BULLER John otpRAWLE Elizabeth otp3 May 1775Jno Parnall JuniorWillyam Cook
BUCKINGHAM James otpPOMEROY Mary otp3 May 1775Jno Parnall JuniorJohn Buller
WERRING Richard otpRUSE Mary otp11 July 1775Jno Parnall JuniorJohn Hender
FRAYNE Richard blacksmith of EgloskerryCUNDY Joan otp16 Nov 1775Robert FraynMary Parnell
COUCH Richard gentleman otpHERRING Jane spinster otp16 Dec 1776 licJno Parnall JuniorJohn Hender
HAWKE Richard of EgloskerryCUNDY Philly otp9 Apr 1777Richard FraynJohn Hender
TINK Henry otpFITZE Elizabeth otp21 Apr 1778Henery GeakeJohn Hender
BLYTHE Anthony (Blithe)FRAYNE Elizabeth 31 Mar 1779Samuel ThomasJohn Frayn
HAM Philip (Phillip) otpADAMS Honour (Honor) of Laneast2 Nov 1779Richard HamJno Parnall Junior
GARLAND William of South PetherwinPRIDEAUX Jane otp7 Dec 1779Phillip HamJohn Prideaux
PARSONS Richard of South PetherwinPOMEROY Mary otp21 Jan 1780Jno Parnall JuniorThomas Jasper
KELLY John of LewannickBARBER Jane otp29 Feb 1780Thomas Jasper John Stanbury
Mullis Robart (Mullies) of South PetherwinCORAM Mary otp29 Mar 1780Henry CoramHenry Brown
DOWNING Richard of LewannickCOOK Grace otp5 July 1780Robert WarringJohn Cook
POMEROY William otpWALTER Elizabeth of South Petherwin12 June 1781Asa WalterMary Walter
BARBER John bachelor otpHIGGINS Dorothy (Higgons) spinster otp20 Apr 1784Henery GeakJohn Hender
VENNING Christopher bachelor otpCUNDY Margery spinster otp18 May 1784John AdamsRichard Frayn
COCK John bachelor otpCUNDY Elizabeth spinster otp15 Nov 1785John HenderRichard Frayn
KITTOW Thomas widower otpEVANS Elizabeth spinster of LewannickBanns only 12, 26 Feb, 12 Mar 1786
CUNDY John the elder widower otpBENNETT Joanna (Bennet) spinster otp4 Apr 1786Thomas KittowJohn Hender
OPPY William (Ophy) bachelor otp. legally resident in this Chaplery when married but belongs to parish of EgloskerryWICKETT Charity (Wicket) spinster otp4 Apr 1786John WillcockThomas Kittow
BROWNING John bachelor sojourner otp (belongs to St. Mary MagdalenePOMEROY Anne spinster otp2 May 1786William YeoHenry Browning
BARBER Willaim bachelor otpBUCKINGHAM Anne spinster otp9 Apr 1787Henry BuckinghamRobert Mullis
PARNELL John bachelor otpWESTLAKE Mary spinster otp26 June 1787Richard CouchNicholas Westlake
MUTTON Robert of AlternonBETTESS Elizabeth (Betties) otp (Lizbet)24 Feb 1789Richard BettessJohn Parnell
GEAKE Henry widower otpBARBER Catherine spinster of Lewannick11 June 1789 licJohn Hender Samuel Sleeman
PROUT Digory (Degory) otpWICKETT Hannah (Wicket)16 Oct 1789John HenderJohn Wickett
SINGLE Joseph otpTUCKER Anne sojourner otpBanns only 14, 28 Feb, 14 Mar 1790
BARBER Thomas bachelor otpHERRING Mary spinster otp20 Apr 1790John BettessNicholas Westlake
HAWKE Robert widower otpHAWKE Joan spinster otp22 Apr 1790James ColwellRobert Mullis
PETHERICK William of TreneglosADAMS Rebecca otpBanns only 17 June, 1, 15 July 1792
GILL Samuel otpWESTLAKE Ann otp27 Nov 1792Thomas JasperEliz Gill
SLEEMAN Samuel otpSMITH Martha of LauncestonBanns only 7, 21 Apr, 5 May 1793
BENNETT Benjamin (blacksmith) of North HillBATH Grace spinster otp14 July 1794John BullerThomas Jasper
SLEEMAN Samuel (labourer) otpNORTHEY Elizabeth otp2 Aug 1794Phillip Ham Thomas Jasper
BETTESS John (labourer) otpWICKETT (Wicket) Mary otp5 Jan 1795William BettessThomas Jasper
MITCHEL John sojourner in tpPOMEROY ElizabethBanns only 1, 15, 29 July 1795/6/7/8(?)
VENNING Richard widower otpVENNING Margery widow otp13 Nov 1798Richard FraynThomas Jasper
STEPHENS Joseph otp labourerFRAYN Elizabeth (Frayne) spinster otp5 June 1799Richard FraynJohn Frayn
HANCOCK RobertADAMS Rebecca otp Banns only published three several Sundays late 1799 or early 1800
AVERY Digory of EgloskerryPEARCE Sarah otp26 Mar 1800John ProwteThomas Jasper
BATH William otpWERRING Jane of LewannickBanns only 23, 30 Mar, 6 Apr 1801
JASPER Robert otpBONE Grace otp14 July 1801S. WebberThomas Jasper
GILL Thomas otpMULLIS Elizabeth of South PetherwynBanns oly no dates given late 1801 or early 1802
TRETHEWY Willia labourer of St. Bruard (St. Breward)JORY Philippa spinster otp9 Aug 1802Thomas JasperJohn Jory
COOMBE Thomas otpMARSHALL Jane otp21 Mar 1803Thomas JasperRichard Frayn
HORNABROOK William of EgloskerryBARNACOT Elizabeth otp (Barnecot)25 Oct 1803Samuel GillThomas Jasper
VENNING Rickare Colmer of St. CletherHAM Mary otp3 Nov 1803William HamThomas Jasper
VOSPER Nathaniel of LaneastSAUNDERCOCK Catherine otp23 Nov 1803Richard VosperThomas Jasper
PROUT Giles bachelor otpHARRIS Mary spinster otp18 Feb 1805Thomas JasperWalter Couch
WESTLAKE Thomas otpPRIDEAUX Jane otp24 Apr 1805 Walter CouchThomas Jasper
PERCE Stephen of LewannickCOOK Anne26 Jan 1808Thomas JasperSamuel Hawke
NORTHEY Thomas of LaneastSAUNDERCOCK Ann otp5 Oct 1808 licPhilip Strike Thomas Jasper
PRIDEAUX William otpCOOK (Cock) Elizabeth otp31 Jan 1809Jno DaweJohn Parnell
BRENDON Edward of LawhittonCOUCH Mary otp9 May 1809Richard CounchJohn Taylor
PEARNE John (Pearn) otpPOMEROY Elizabeth otp18 May 1809Richard EastcottThomas Jasper
HANCOCK Thomas of South Petherwin SANDERCOCK Elizabeth of Trewen13 Feb 1810Samuel SandercockThomas Jasper
HONEY Richard of LewannickSTEPHENS Jane sojourner otp26 Mar 1810John Bettess Thomas Jasper
JASPER Richard of EgloskerryFRAYN Joan otp6 Nov 1810Thomas JasperRichard Frayn
FRAYN Robert otpPHILLIPPS Robert otp1 Oct 1810Thomas JasperGeorge Frayn
DAWE John sojourner in tpHOLMAN Elizabeth of Egloskerry20 (?) May 1812John HolmanJohn Rowe
WROTH Matthew of LewannickHOOPER Mary otp27 Mar 1813George FraynThomas Jasper
STANNING Thomas otpWICKET Elizabeth of Tresmere30 Mar 1813Digory KittowThomas Jasper
PIKE Richard otpHARRIS Catherine otp3 Apr 1814Thomas JasperRobert Frayn
MULLIS Robert sojourner otpCOOK Margery otp13 July 1813William MullisThomas Gill
SHAPTON Thomas of EgloskerryDAWE Elizabeth otp19 Oct 1814John DaweHannah Sargent
GOWMAN Henry otpPHILLIPPS Elizabeth otp9 Apr 1816John DaweWilliam Parnell
CULLACOT Richard otpBETTESS Charity otp5 June 1816John BettessJohn Dawe
PARNELL William otpBULLER Jane otp11 Aug 1818John DaweChristopher Richards
BARBER William otpSLEEMAN Mary otp4 Mar 1819John DaweWilliam Parnell
MARSHALL John otpDAWE Ann otp14 Apr 1819Stephen DaweJohn Dawe
WILLS Richard otpVENNING Elizabeth otp25 Apr 1821John DaweHenry Frayn
VENNING Joseph of LaneastDAWE Sarah otp26 June 1821John DaweRalph Venning
METHERELL James of St. Thomas the ApostleSLEEMAN Sarah otp2 Jan 1823John DaweHenry Frayn
BARBER Thomas otpCOTTON Mary otp8 Mar 1823John DawePeter Frayn
FRAYN Henry otpWESTLAKE Joan otp15 Apr 1823 John DaweThomas Parnell
SYMONS Samuel of St. MinverCOUCH Margery otp25 Apr 1824Walter CouchJohn Dawe
VENNING Richard otpHAM Jane otp4 May 1824John DaweRichard Wills
MULLIS William otpKITTOW Edeth of South PetherwinBanns only 22 Feb, 7, 21 Mar 1824
PARNELL Richard otpVENNING Margaret of St. CletherBanns only 21 Mar, 4, 18 Apr 1824
DUNN Charles otpJASPER Mary otp16 Mar 1825John DaweJohn Tickle
HOSKIN William otpMULLIS Mary of AlternunBanns only 18, 25 Sep, 2 Oct 1825
KEAST Daniel of St. StephensDUGGER Eliza otp9 Oct 1825Walter BateWilliam Tucker
GRIGG William sojourner in tpBETTESS Jane Bate sojourner in tp11 May 1826John DaweGeorge Quarm
HAM William otpJASPER Mary of AlternunBanns only 15, 22, 29 Oct 1826
HAWKE Thomas pf South PetherwinBULLER Anne otp27 Dec 1826Thomas ThornThomas Buller
DUNN George otpBULLER Grace otpBanns only 25 Nov, 2, 9 Dec 1827
ORCHARD John of St. ThomasMULLIS Mary otp29 Jan 1828Mary Couch William Orchard
CRABB William sojourner in tpGERRY Elizabeth sojourner in tp 27 Mar 1828William Parnell Walter Greenland
STRIKE Philip widower otpBULLER Maria spinster otp25 Sep 1828Robert FraynRichard Venning
RICE John otpPETHICK Elizabeth sojourner in tp19 Jan 1829Thomas PethickJohn Dawe
VENNING Andrew otpCORNISH Mary Anne otp5 Mar 1829'Sau' CornishJohn Dawe
HONEY Charles sojourner in tpPROUT Elizabeth sojourner in tp5 May 1829John DaweRichard Venning
MARSHALL William Solomon sojourner otpPROUT Mary Ann sojourner otp4 May 1831John DaweDaniel Keast
PARSONS James sojourner in tpPROUT Catherine otp8 Oct 1833John DaweRichard Peardon
HAM John widower sojourner in tpPROUT Mary widow otp31 Dec 1833John DaweWilliam Marshall
CONGDON William otpCURREY Jane otp27 Feb 1834Roger RoweThomas Buller

Trewen Marriages 1617-1754


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