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Hurdon Way Estate


1970's Aerial of Hurdon Way, Launceston.
1970’s Aerial of Hurdon Way, Launceston.

Begun in 1947 on the old wartime Scarne Camp, when completed around 1958/9 Hurdon Way estate comprised 71 dwellings, ranging from one-bedroomed flats to 3 bedroomed houses, made up of fifteen blocks, and numbering from 1 to 62, flats being numbered plus ‘A’, numbers 15 & 16 not being used. As a temporary measure to ease the housing shortage until the estate’s full construction, seventeen of the old camp huts were converted into housing at a cost of £5,000 per hut.

1946 aerial of Scarne Camp, Launceston.
1946 aerial of Scarne Camp, Launceston.

A newspaper report of Council proceedings of 21st July, 1947, regarding delays in the programme of post-war housing estates: “Cllr Hender queried the delay in the building of the Trecarrel Estate, which should have had sixteen houses built by July 1st, instead of which only eight would be ready for occupation by the end of August. The Surveyor replied that most of the delay was due to a shortage of cement.
The Mayor (Cllr W. E. Miller), remarked it was fortunate for Launceston that they had gone ahead with the Hurdon Way scheme, despite the difficulties involved. The residents were making their homes there very attractive, and it would be an estate of which the town would be proud. Figures given by the Town Clerk showed that the seventeen huts at Hurdon Way had cost £5,000 for conversions. Regarding the buildings in Castle Green, it was reported that negotiations were going well.

HURDON WAY – 1956-57:

94 Starling, Mr & Mrs S W.

112 Drew, Mr & Mrs C C

113 Crump, Mr & Mrs A J

113 Ellacott, Miss R M

114 Nutley, Mr & Mrs W F

115 Williams, Mr & Mrs W G

117 Roberts, Mr & Mrs R J

118 Castle, Mr & Mrs W J

119 Turvey, Mr H L, window cleaner.

119 Turvey Mrs

120 Lankston Mr R J stoker.

120 Lankston, Mrs

121 Beer, Mr F J R, grocer.

121 Beer, Mrs

121 Prouse, Miss F M

122 Wilkins, Mr & Mrs J D

123 Sandy, Mr & Mrs G

124 Hicks, Mr A. clerk

124 Hicks, Mrs

125 Bujak, Miss M

126 Harvey, Mr & Mrs F S

127 Emerton, Mr & Mrs H G

128 Cock, Mr & Mrs A F

133 Currah, Mr & Mrs R C

Aerial of Hurdon Way, Launceston.
2018 aerial of Hurdon Way, Launceston.

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