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Launceston Then Facebook Group Galleries

With the affiliated Facebook group of Launceston Then, many of the members are bringing to the fore many of their own personal photos of Launceston’s past. These are providing such wonderful memories for everyone involved and it has been decided to share these images with a wider audience who might not have access to Facebook. Where possible acknowledgement has been given to each image and it will always be the policy do this. It is hoped that you the viewer will enjoy these memorable photographs, and may even entice you to join the friendly group. The quality of some of the photos are not of a professional quality, but that is what makes them special. A big thanks to all who have shared their photographs. If you click on each individual image it will open in a larger window giving a full description. It’s like looking through the family album of the ‘Lanson’ family. Enjoy : )

Facebook Gallery 1

Facebook Gallery 2

Facebook Gallery 3

Facebook Gallery 4


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