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Lewannick 1938 P.O. Directory


1938, Lewannick P.O. Directory:
Lewannick Post Office – Mr Walter Martin, Sub-postmaster. Letters through Launceston arrive at 8 am; despatched at 4.50 pm. This office is open for Telegraph from 8 to 8; Money Order, Postal Order, Savings Bank, Annuity, and Insurance Business, also sale of Licenses.
Polyphant Box cleared at 4.5 pm. Trevadlock box at 10.55 am. Plusha box at 4.30. pm.
District Cllrs – Messrs. WM Prout and CJ Turner. Parish Cllrs – Messrs. Chair, Mr W Hoskin. Clerk, N Inch. Cllrs. Messrs. PAW Archer, HH Serpell, AM Hoare, D Keast, Wm Hocken, E Stephens. F Jasper, J Tucker.
School Managers – Messrs. J Stephens [chair], PAE Archer, D Keast, J Inch, J Daniel, and Miss E Dawe.

Archer, PAE, Esq. Trelaske. Nicholls, FH, manager Polyphant Quarry
Alford, T. frmr, Bowden Palmer, JH, frmr, Newton
Broad W, schoolmaster. Parsons, William, frmr, Lemalla
Bickle, W, Miller, Hicks Mill Philp, WJ, frmr, Trewinnow
Bridgeman, J frmr, Tinney Hall Prout & Son, carpenters, Agric. Implements mkrs,
Burden, Henry, frmr, Knighton Kelly’s House
Brown, E , frmr, Polyphant Popplestone, T, carpenter, Village
Brown, John, Bee expert, Hicks Mill Rowe, Thomas, miller, Trelaske Mill
Cock, J, blacksmith, Plusha Rowe, J frmr, Dingleys
Coombe, John, frmr, Trenhorne House Serpell, HH, Surgeon, Medical Officer, Public
Coombe, George, frmr, Trevadlock Vaccinator No1, Dist. Launceston Union, Polyphant
Crago, C fishmonger, Trenhorne Sleeman, EJ, frmr, Trevell
Daniels, J, frmr, Trelaske Barton Sleeman, R, frmr, Trevell
Dawe, EH, frmr, Trevadlock Sleep, Isaac, frmr, Midway
Downing, F, frmr, Travadlock Sleep, James, cattle dlr. Trenhorne House
Eales, Rev, WH, Vicarage Sleep, Richard, frmr, Polyphant
Foster, Franck, innkpr. Lewannick Stephens, Ernest, frmr, Polyphant
Fuge, Grace & William, frmrs, Coomshead Turner, CJ,, Esq, Pen Inney
Hoare, AM, frmr, Trewanta Turner, R, frmr, Blackaton
Hocken, W, frmr, Trevadlock Tucker, R, frmr,Trenhorne
Hoskin, J, blacksmith, Village Venning, George, Polyphant House
Inch, John, frmr, Trewanta Park Venning, James, frmr, Upton
Jasper, F frmr, Higher Trevell Wadge, stonemason, Polyphant
Jasper, George, frmr, Strayer Park Wrangham, FD, Esq, JP, Bowden Derra, Polyphant
Jenkin, Ephraim, frmr, Trekelland Wadge, O, frmr, Trenhorne
Jeffrey, Robert, Police Sgt. Village Wadge , A, cattle dealer, Polyphant
Keast, Daniel, frmr, Polyphant Wadge, Henry, frmr, Down End
Martin, Ernest, frmr, North Downs Wakem Thomas, shopkpr & C. Plusha Cross
Martyn, Walter, Postmaster, grocer, draper White, S, frmr, Trevadlock
Martyn, W, frmr, Hollyvag White, W, frmr, Village
Martyn, W, Cycle agent, Trevadlock Cross Wakem, John, frmr, Plusha
Maunder, R, boot & shoe mkr.
Moyse, John, frmr, Hicks Mill.

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