Jacob Grigg

Jacob Grigg was born on June 19, 1769, in at St. Stephens, near Launceston, to John and Mary Grigg. He is shown to have been christened on July 9, 1769, at St. Stephens Church. In March of 1793 Jacob was recommended to go to the Academy at Bristol to study for the ministry, and afterwards to return to the church at Launceston as Pastor. Jacob however never returned to the town, instead becoming one of the earliest Baptist missionaries ending up as a successful minister in America. He was at the fore front of the ant-slavery movement and was being remembered some 140 years later when the black American GI’s were stationed in Launceston during the second World War, recalled his name.

Rev. Jacob is known to have first arrived in Norfolk on July 20, 1797, having sailed from Sierra Leone, Africa. Six months after his arrival in Virginia, Grigg married Mary Ann Littledyke on January 31, 1798, in Norfolk, Virginia. Grigg relocated to Currituck County, North Carolina, shortly after his marriage just to the South of the Virginia church at which he served as Pastor. He then moved to Mays Lick, Mason County, Kentucky, in 1802.

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