John Guylor Horne


Cornish & Devon Post, October 12, 1946: North Tamerton Airman’s Award. Holds Endurance Record.
Flight Lieutenant John Guylor Horne, of North Tamerton, has been awarded the Royal Air Force Cross. He has served in both World Wars as a pilot, and in the last one at the age of 47. He became a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps, at the age of 18 years, in the First World War, and served in France and Italy, and was decorated with the Italian ‘Al Valore’ medal.
He sustained a permanent injury some years later after representing the RAF at sabre-fencing and boxing, but persisted in flying against medical advice. Together with the late CWA Scott, he piloted the first air-mail aeroplanes to operate in the Australian bush, and in 1930 in Canada, he established a world endurance record for pilots of single-engined aircraft. This record is still unbroken. (1946).

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