Reuben Lewis Hicks


New 1951 mayor Reuben Lewis Hicks and his wife in May 1951
New Mayor Reuben Lewis Hicks and his wife, Joanna, in May 1951.

Reuben, or Lewis as he was known, was born on November 13th, 1909 at Launceston, to Reuben Lewis (senior) and Emily Ann (nee Sowton) Hicks. His father was a hotel gardner. He married Joanna Marks at Launceston on June 28th, 1935 and they set up home at 6 Priory Cottages, Launceston. Lewis was then working for Southern Railways as a Railway Assistant Telegraph Lineman Engineering Repairs. Their son, Arthur, was born on May 13th, 1936. In the late 1940’s he was elected to the town council, and in 1951 he was chosen to be Mayor of Launceston, a role he undertook for two consecutive years (his uncle, Thomas Hicks was also elected Mayor in 1958). He passed away on November 24th, 1973, age 63. Joanna survived Lewis by 23 years, herself passing away on January 26th, 1996.

Reuben Lewis seniors family in the 1920's.
1920’s photo of the Hicks family. Betty, Richard, Emily, Phyllis, Reuben senior, Arthur, Francis and Reuben Lewis.


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