Richard Penwarden senior

Richard was born in on February 1st 1780 to Richard and Jane Penwarden at Launceston. Richard ran a saddlery business in Launceston. He married Jane and they had five children Richard, William, James, Mary and Edmund. Richard was elected to the borough council and served as mayor on four occasions; 1804-05, 1811-12, 1819-20, 1827-28, and 1833-34. In 1838 he did not stand for re-election but was made an alderman. He was a conservative in politics.
Richard died on October 12th 1842 at his home in Launceston aged 63.

Richard Penwarden’s will:
– to son William Penwarden ‘who has already a competent provision from the situation in which he is placed’ £5
– to son James Penwarden £1,000 to be paid within six months of testator’s death
– to daughter Mary Penwarden £900 to be paid within six months of testator’s death
– to ‘my friends’ John Ching of Launceston, wine merchant, Charles Gurney of Launceston, gentleman, and son Richard Penwarden the younger, during the natural life of son Edmund Penwarden, the annual sum of £30, without any deduction for present or future taxes, to be paid to them quarterly on the usual quarter days starting with the second quarter day after the testator’s death; on trust that they, their executors, administrators or assigns or any future trustees appointed, ‘in their discretion and of their uncontrollable authority’ administer the annuity and apply the whole or part as they think expedient for ‘the Clothing, Board, Lodging, Maintenance and support or otherwise for the personal and peculiar benefit of my said son Edmund Penwarden during his life . . . as my said trustees shall think most conducive to his comfort and convenience’; the annuity to be charged to two freehold or customary dwelling houses and other hereditaments in Westgate Street, Launceston. If the payment should ever be fifteen days overdue, trustees should distrain the property in Westgate Street for unpaid sum and expenses
– payment of legacies of £1,000 and £900 to be charged against ‘all my freehold Land in the Parish of Saint Mary Magdalene in the Borough of Launceston (except all those fields and garden adjoining my Farm and which fields and garden are called Hendra, Clampits and Potatoe Garden, the whole of the field called Hendra and parts of the field called Clampits and Potatoe Garden I having some time since agreed to sell to the Trustees of the Launceston Turnpike)’
– ‘Whereas I am desirous that my said Son Edmund should not marry any one whom my Trustees should not approve of or should not think a proper companion for him’, if he marries without written consent from trustees, the annuity is revoked as from the date of his marriage
– residue of estate to son Richard Penwarden, his heirs and assigns, for his own absolute use and benefit
– if any of the trustees should become unable or unwilling to act, the surviving trustees may appoint a replacement; each trustee shall be liable only for his own actions, and the trustees’ costs should be reimbursed.

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