Wyndham Finch Hender


Wyndham was born on July 8th, 1903 to Herbert and Alice Mary (nee Finch) Hender at Holne House, Newport, Launceston. His father ran the long-established tannery company at Newport, Launceston and on leaving Dunheved College, Wyndham followed into the business. In December 1933 he married Phyllis Evelyn Druce second daughter of Mr and Mrs Druce, Talbot-crescent, Kooyong, Melbourne, Australia, at Launceston and on February 3rd, 1938 their son Michael was born. Wyndham had, had a house built for the new family at Dunheved Cross, to which they named it “Kooyong” in homage to Phyllis’s former home.

Wyndham was elected in 1947 to the Launceston Town Council serving as deputy mayor in 1950 before becoming mayor for the town in 1957. By 1962 he had been appointed alderman for the borough. In 1962 Wyndham was awarded the O.B.E. for political and public services in Cornwall. That same year he was appointed Chairman of the South Western Gas Consultative Council after serving upon it since the early 1950s. By then the family were living at Greston, Dunheved Road. Wyndham died at Tavistock on April 8th, 1975. Phyllis died in December 2002 at Teignbridge.

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