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  1. mark tyksinski upton

    Hi Roger Pyke,

    I’m an Upton.
    Do you know about “Upton Family Record” (1893) by William Henry Upton of Walla Walla WA USA? It’s on line at Internet archive. My grandfathers to 5th generation, (1694), are in the book, I can tell you pages if you are interested.
    I have been doing family history with James Ashford of Trelaske House since 2012.
    Do you have any contact with the Weaver Farm family who own the sheep pastures 75m from the the castle remains nestled in Upton Wood?
    Details on branches of Upton families as you have interest?
    James has extensive history on Trelaske Manor House. He has also been in direct contact with the Wadge family.
    I have been in touch with staff at Lupton House and the Younge family of Puslinch House, Devon.


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