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Although Launceston Then is an online presence for the town and districts history, it goes without saying that there will be a crossover into the genealogy world. The bio’s of over 150 people that once lived and worked in the town can be found in the ‘People‘ section of the site. Further more there can be found the bio’s for all the men and women that lost their lives during the ‘First World War‘ and the ‘Second World War.’ For those that lost their lives during those two brutal wars that came from the parishes visit the respective village in the ‘Parish‘ section.

In addition to this  further pages have been added from the Phillimore research that will help genealogists trace their ancestors, and although not comprehensive, it is hoped to aid any search.

The Phillimore marriage registers

St. Mary Magdalene Marriage Register 1559 -1600   St. Mary Magdalene Marriage Registers 1601 -1650 

St. Mary Magdalene Marriage Registers 1651-1700   St. Mary Magdalene Marriage Registers 1701-1750

St. Mary Magdalene Marriage Registers 1751-1800   St. Mary Magdalene Marriage Registers 1801-1812

Boyton Marriage Register 1568-1804    Egloskerry Marriage Registers 1574-1812    Laneast Marriage Registers 1680 -1812    Lezant Marriage Registers 1539-1812    Lewannick Marriage Registers 1675-1812    South Petherwin Marriage Register 1656-1812       St. Clether Marriage Registers 1640-1811     St. Stephens Marriage Registers 1566-1812     Tremaine Marriage Registers 1642-1812     Treneglos Marriage Registers 1694-1812      Warbstow Marriage Registers 1695-1812     Werrington Marriage Registers 1654-1812



South Petherwin Census 1841 -1911



South Petherwin Burials 1656 to 1735


Links to the Cornwall Online Parish Clerks Project for the Area

St. Mary Magdalene OPC  St. Stephens OPC   St. Thomas OPC  Altarnun OPC   Bolventor OPC   Boyton OPC   Bradstone Genuki   Broadwoodwidger Genuki   Egloskerry OPC  Laneast OPC  Lawhitton OPC  Lewannick OPC   Lezant OPC   Lifton Genuki  North Hill OPC   North Petherwin OPC   South Petherwin OPC   St. Clether OPC   St. Giles in the Heath Genuki   Tremaine OPC   Treneglos OPC   Tresmeer OPC   Trewen OPC   Warbstow OPC   Werrington OPC


Parochial History of Cornwall   Pigot’s Directory of Cornwall, 1830    Kelly’s Directory for Cornwall 1893