The People


As any other town, Launceston has been blessed with some notable figures having lived and worked within its district, some with notoriety and others through their un-dented philanthropy. One thing is for sure their lives and the impact that they had on the town is a worth while read. To enter their world just follow the respective pages on the links below and discover a little about some of the men and women that helped form Launceston’s history and what we have today. 

 Surnames A to H

Surnames J to P

Surnames Q to Z

Jesse Sketchley Raddall, Claude Raddall, Benjamin Ralph, Jack Denis Rashley, John Rawling, John ReedNathaniel Reed, Thomas Charles Reed, Joan Rendell, Samuel Robins, Cecil Henry RobinsRichard Robbins, Sir Alfred Robbins, Sir Edmund Robbins, Francis Rashleigh Rodd, Coryndon Rowe, James Ruse, Thomas James Sandercock, Charles Beddoes Shuker, Charles Orchard SharpElsie Ruth Sleeman, John Beckley Smith, Rev. W. Steer, William Henry Symons, Charles Lillicrapp Symons, Dr. David Thompson, Dr. William Fookes Thompson, Arthur Henry Tottle, Sir Henry Trecarell, John Simmons Tregoning, James Treleaven senior, James Treleaven junior, Arthur Trewin, Thomas Pomeroy Trood, George Edward Trood, Henry Spencer Toy, Arthur Bray Venning, Charles Vosper, Alfred Webber, Weighell FamilyRobert Whale, George Graham White, George Graham White juniorFrederick Wicks, Charles Pearce Wise, Ernest Wise M.S.A., William Wise, George William WithamJames Wooldridg

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